I guess after getting diagnosed, it was surreal. Like I couldn’t believe it. I had made upcoming plans of what was going to happen next in life. It didn’t coienside with my plans. It was much more than a speed bump. To be completely honest , I still struggle. Physically and emotionally; so to anyone that feels like that, know this, you are not alone.

So, whats next.

First i want to tell you a little about me to give you a better understanding. I am starting this blog to helps others.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, after losing my daughter to SIDS, she was 5 weeks old. My son was healthy. But after he was born i got diagnosed. I have 2 computer degrees, kept working, til i got to the point i had to get disability.  I suffer from depression, as i am slowly getting through. I am thinking , God is not done with me yet.  Im 43 years old this cant be it. I have a purpose but just don’t know what it is. So please follow me in may search for the purpose  i so long to find. I believe others feel misplaced , and useless. I look forward to you joining me for this journey. I will keep you posted. Even when i have bad day to show you, you are not the only one that feels this way. I pray somehow this touches your life. Love you, you are special. I just have to find my own value. I hope this helps you find yours. Let the journey begin..